Studio Policies & Procedures


Reservations for Studios and Equipment must be made within current Taurus Studios hours, Monday through Saturday 11:00am to 6:00pm and Sunday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm.

In addition … the "start and end times" of your studio bay reservation is the time by which you, your equipment, as well as any assistants and clients/subjects arrive in the space to setup and should be completely out of the studio bay. Your reserved time must include set-up and breakdown time so as not to infringe on another member's studio time. Please allow adequate time for this when making your reservation.

Studio Reservations

Members pay for studio reservations at the time of booking. Please note that members will be charged the full amount of their reservation unless we are given a cancelation notice at least 48 hours in advance of the reservation time. Members have only their reserved block of time to set-up, shoot, and break down equipment. Please plan accordingly because during popular times (weekend days, etc.) it’s not uncommon to have back-to-back reservations in some studio spaces.

Reservations Limited to Single Member

Studio reservations are for Taurus Studios members only. When a studio is reserved it is for one member’s sole use. Members cannot share the time with another member without prior, specific approval from us. In other words, the member making the reservation is the only photographer allowed to shoot on the set. Make-up artists, models/subjects, stylists, clients, set designers, etc., are of course welcome and do not need to be Taurus Studios members.

Using More Than One Studio Space

Members are charged for each space, for the full hour, so book spaces accordingly. Members must use only their assigned space or they will be charged the hourly rate for each additional space occupied. Fractions of hours cannot be used in multiple spaces.

Studio Props & Furniture

Members are welcome to use or move any of the furniture that is around the studio, so long as they don’t inconvenience other members who may be using the lounge area, kitchen, or other studio spaces. When moving items do not drag anything across the floor.- please ask a Taurus Studios staff member for assistance with moving large items. When finished with the photo session, please ensure that all items used are returned to the proper location. When in doubt about what to do, just ask a staff member.

Privacy in Studio Spaces

Large Black-out curtains are available for use. These curtains can be configured around any space to create privacy and/or control light during a photo session. When finished, all curtains should be returned to their designated storage area. We ask that members do not drag these curtains along the floors.

Dressing Rooms

There are two (2) bathrooms in the studio that may be used for changing. Do not leave any articles of clothing or make-up in the bathroom, make-up stations, the kitchen area, or the lounge area.

Make-up Stations

There are two (2) make-up stations avaiable in the studio that may be used. Do not leave any articles of clothing or make-up in the bathroom, make-up stations, the kitchen area, or the lounge area.