Personalized Photography Workshop

Spend a day with me in my studio (Taurus Studios, LLC)  in High Point, NC for a private one-on-one photography workshop. I will spend a 7 hour day (11:00am until 6:00pm) with you in my studio and we will focus on whatever aspects of photography or business marketing that you need to take your work or your business to the next level.

The problem with many photography workshops is that you pay a lot of money to be part of a group of people and you are stuck with a curriculum that is not designed for you.  If the workshop includes the opportunity to photograph models, you have no control over the selection of the models, the outfits, the makeup, the lighting, the background, etc.  You are pretty much stuck photographing whatever is put in front of you – just like everyone else at the same workshop, which means your photos are also not unique – because other photographers have photos of the same models in the same outfits with the same lighting.  That is why a personalized, custom designed workshop makes for a better and more productive learning experience.

To customize YOUR photography workshop

Please complete the form below and be sure to provide me with plenty of info about specifically what you would like to learn and where you are at in the learning curve so that I can design a custom curriculum to suit your needs.  You will receive a reply within 48 hours.

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Arrangements can be made to have a model available and even a makeup artist (at an additional cost) or you can bring your own.